A Dream or Idea Originates in a Moment

A dream or idea originates in a moment with no beginning or ending. It is a spark – an intuitive insight that inspires you. The duration of keeping the spark alive is up to you. It is your dream and your path. That spark is something you feel passionate about and would like to succeed in accomplishing.

Allow the spark to linger while you visualize what it would be like to have your dream come alive in all its glory.

Leaders are dreamers from all walks of life with visions generating extraordinary possibilities that make a difference.

Donald McGannon, past president of Westinghouse Broadcasting Corp. and National Urban League, is quoted as saying: “Everyone leads! Leadership is action, not position.”

Here is a short video showing how Shaklee leaders made a difference in helping to rehab a middle school closed since Katrina. They took action!

What action are you going to take today? Need help figuring it out and moving forward? Coaching can help. Contact me today.

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