I Recommend "Drive" by Daniel Pink!

Drive by Daniel PinkRecommended Book “Drive” by Daniel Pink

Whether you run a company, are a staff member or an entrepreneur this is a must read. Pink illustrates that there is a mismatch between what scientists have proven motivates people and how businesses operate to motivate their employees.

With evidence to back up his claims, he offers “The Three Elements of Motivation.”
  • Autonomy – let people define much of their own path

  • Mastery – as humans we naturally aspire to Mastery

  • Purpose – provides the context and connects the autonomous person, who is pursing mastery to a greater whole or objective.
These elements are the basics I use in coaching my clients. When you come from self-leadership (autonomy) you are on purpose and on the way to mastery. My clients are always on their Right Track!

If you aren’t one of my clients yet, contact me for a 15-minute free consult to see if there is a match to raise the bar from where you are to where you want to be, being a stronger leader leading others to lead, and loving what you are doing.

You can see Daniel Pink present his case at The TED Conference.

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