Organic Leadership Means Leading From the Inside Out

The Golden EggContinuing with our tale around "The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs":

The farmer lost out when trying to get more done in a shorter period of time, plus he didn’t appreciate the quality of work the goose produced. The farmer was blind sighted with greed.

The goose evolved to performance beyond expectations and ended up dead. Professionals who struggle to live up to another’s expectations while forsaking their own dreams suffer mentally, emotionally, spiritually, often get sick and even die.

The farmer with his “command and control” leadership style demanded an output that wasn’t in the nature of the goose. This style of leadership is restrictive.

A better style is organic leadership, which originates leading from the inside out.

Leadership from the heart that inspires is influential. It is not so much about technique and methods, or “you will do it my way or else” style.

Did you know that everyone has leadership capabilities and attributes? Moms use leadership in the home...teens use leadership at school...we all can better our leadership abilities around friends and family. Want to explore and improve YOUR leadership skills? Contact me and see how coaching can help!

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