What Value Will Your Vision Have in the World

CrossroadsLast time I offered three questions to ask yourself as you develop your compelling vision for the year 2010. Here are two more. Write down your answers without lifting pen or pencil from paper.

Writing by hand instead of on the computer gives your words an added neural spark available only through your handwriting.

• What value will your vision have in the world?

• Where do you see yourself at the end of 2010?

The vision is the initial step and the vehicle to drive the vision before planning the action steps is your feelings.

Is this a dream that feels good and inspires you? If it is it a dream coming from a “should” it will be a struggle to accomplish. You are going in the wrong direction and are off track if you are trying to live a dream that is out of synch with your thoughts and feelings.

Your thoughts and feelings must be aligned to attract the success you seek, otherwise you will encounter conflict.

Are you struggling with the answers to these questions or simply need some help clarifying your answers? Then contact me - coaching can help you get clear and move confidently forward toward your dreams and your life purpose.

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