Information By Itself Has No Power

The Information Age encourages learning in order to obtain skills and data; to be smarter in a chosen field so as to increase the probability of a sustainable career; to get an above average income; to lead you on your right track to a fulfilling career and life; and to entertain you.

Information by itself is flat!

Think of all the books lying around or logging into your computer and displaying all kinds of information.

The information is not active, even if on a video.

Information has no power.

Information is a powerful tool to get what you want, but until you acquire it, and put what you have learned to use, it remains tucked away.

Carpenters don’t buy drills because they want a drill; they want the results it will give – holes!

So what benefits are you using information for? Feel free to post a "comment" (see below) or email me! I love hearing from you!

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