Stopping Those Inner Critics of the Mind

Critics“Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue has ever been created to a critic.” – Jean Sibelius, Finnish Composer

Inner critics are usually seen as critters filling your mind with the fear that change is disastrous. They filter out positive outcomes with worse possible scenarios. They paint a picture that taking action will make a problem only worse.

To give you evidence that what they say is true, these inner saboteurs point to the negative empirical evidence while ignoring the good going on in the world. Their job is to control your potential with limiting beliefs, which prevent the breakthroughs you want to experience. They say things like:

You are not good enough – not smart enough – too old – too young – not enough experience – don’t have enough time – not enough money – too fat – too thin – it’s crazy – you can’t do it – who do you think you are risking your ________ for __________? (you fill in the blanks)

What are YOUR inner critics saying to you? I help clients stop those inner critics and move on to the life and career of their own choosing. Are you ready to start moving in the direction of your dreams? Contact me now!

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