Organic Leaders Flow With The Ups And Downs

VisionReturning to our previous discussion about not knowing what you don't know, here are some additional tips to tap into the Universal Creativity in the don't know/don't know realm...

Organic leaders flow with the ups and downs because they realize that there are new bridges to build which may or may not support the vision. Without risk transformation is detoured back into trying to play it safe. The past no longer exists.

Choose a vision that you truly love and is important to you. Listen to your inner spirit and body language for answers to what is your destiny. Mozart said: “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love is the soul of genius.” You are a genius!

Be curious with DKDK. Have fun with DKDK and create from nothing. Don’t let the past be your future. You already know what you know. Look to someone you admire. Pretend you are them. What would you be doing and why?

Transform, lead and love and anything is possible!

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3. Develop an "Inspired Plan of Action."

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