A Blueprint of Milestones Gives You Direction

ChecklistWe've been discussing Andrew Carnegie and how he used the Law of Attraction to move towards his desired dreams of being a wealthy man. Here are some tips using the LOA in acquiring the wealth you desire:

1. What is your purpose? Without definite purpose you are wandering.

2. If your purpose is to build wealth, what products or services will you provide in return for monies received?

3. Make a blueprint of milestones to give you direction allowing for detours and adjustments along the way.

4. Each day work on six items focused on reaching your desired outcome. If you only finish one item, that is great. It is one more completed goal. Review your 6 items before going to sleep and upon awakening.

Work on these tips - and if you need support and coaching around them, let me know!

I have a limited number of one-time laser coaching sessions available for $99.00. In your "What's Next in Getting on Track Session" you will:

1. Identify a clear vision for you attaining your desired outcome professionally or personally.

2. Identify some key stepping stones to get you on the Right Track to reach your desired destination.

3. Develop an "Inspired Plan of Action."

4. Identify any hidden challenges that could be getting in your way, holding you back or sabotaging your efforts.

5. Have you leave our session together with a renewed zest for life and inspiration to achieve your vision for success, love, and wealth.

This is a limited opportunity that will reap you much value to quicken your desired success. Contact me now to reserve your session!

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