Companies are Transforming to New Business Models

On the Job LearningSocial networking and blogs have spawned business and human resources to new levels of marketing. Professionals are making connections locally, nationally and worldwide easier and faster. They are finding new opportunities and resources to build their careers & businesses.

Looking to a company’s charismatic leader to follow is vanishing as professionals are looking for more latitude in being a leader among leaders by developing their leadership, creativity and unique talents.

To remain competitive as well as be on the leading edge, companies are rethinking how they do business. In this new economy the American worker no longer goes in to work to solely perform work. Learning along with working is essential in the new workplace environment.

Companies are transforming from past business building models to a new model. They are transforming workplaces into learning organizations. They are collaborating with educational institutions to provide ongoing work-related training.

Next time I'll offer tips on how to be on the leading edge in your profession and being the best.

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