Your Values are a Valuable Clue

Make a ListIf you are having trouble figuring out how to modernize your talents, examine your values.

Your values are a valuable clue. They speak to what is important to you. The majority of people I work with have “freedom” as a high value. Start there by completing the following sentence: With more freedom I would ______________.”

List at least twenty items you can imagine freedom would allow you. Maybe freedom to you would be being your own boss; freedom from debt; freedom to go back to school, etc. Think without fear or guilt. Have fun and stretch your imagination.

Invest in yourself. Hire a coach. The professional / executive pace is faster and life-long learning through developing self-awareness to self-leadership is the Right Track to be on. Call me for an exploratory interview.

"Coaching will become the model for leaders in the future...I am certain that leadership can be learned, and that terrific coaches...facilitate learning."--Warren Bennis

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