Are Old Scripts Defining Who You Are?

We function in the world based on beliefs, opinions, habits, and actions shaped by the environment we grew up in. From birth to adulthood bodies grow and age. Rituals, habits, and relationships and career activities operate from the past of what we learned. The scenery may change. Jobs may change. Relationships may change. But for some reason nothing has changed.

When one is busy taking care of the exterior, the infrastructure gets weak with neglect. To try to build a new future with tattered perspectives running the show is like trying to become something you are not without the necessary tools. You don’t know what is possible without the willingness to explore beyond what you already know and know that you don’t know. You are the possibility of creating the wealth and success you desire.

Old scripts defining who you are and what you are capable of doing cling to your beliefs like Krazy Glue not easily removed. To loosen the glue fastened to your potential takes self-leadership through self-exploration. It is your decision to spread your wings like an eagle and step into the spotlight that is your calling.

Are you ready to loosen the grip your old scripts have on you?  Contact me and let's get started crafting the life of your dreams!

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