Delve Deep into Your Calling and Invite Opportunity

By delving deeper into what is calling you next as a leader, personally and professionally, you invite opportunity. Time out to get off the fence allows exploration in a bigger landscape of possibility rather than the landscape of the past. Hunkering down on the fence is turning away from the potential that is waiting for you to take the reins.

To take action from past perspectives is similar to shallow breathing, which most people do unconsciously. Shallow breathing limits vitality and oxygen to the brain. Improper breathing is like living life from the past – it goes unnoticed yet is harmful to health and career. Taking deeper breaths is a good analogy to looking deeper into becoming the leader you are meant to be as it gets rid of waste products (the past) and toxins (negative environment) from the body (career).

Deeper breathing, deeper living means you will have more vitality, energy and a more positive attitude. Now isn’t that a healthier and more pleasant position to play a bigger game from?

Need help getting off the fence?  Coaching can help.  Successful Athletes, Hollywood Stars and Business Executives all have coaches.  Contact me to get started!

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