Happy New Year 2011 - Is Your Plan in Place?

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”—William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Failure to Plan Leads Where?

How would you feel about getting on a plane or some other mode of transportation without the operator having a map or unaware of where he/she were headed?

It stands to reason that when you purchase a ticket to be transported from one location to another, you trust the transportation operator to get you to your desired destination. The operator is the one with the map and in today’s world GPS’s supply directions.

When planning your future, personally and professionally, what does your map look like?

Is there someone else driving your mode of transportation with their map with you as the passenger?

When you get in a taxi do you not give the taxi driver the address to where you are headed?

There is a big difference in being a passenger or driver when traveling on the path to your destiny.

So do you have a map for the coming year?  Is your plan in place for 2011?  Are you ready to step into your destiny and have the career of your dreams?  I can help you get there - and faster than you thought possible.  Contact me and get your New Year on the Right Track!

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