2012 - Commit to Your Dream - Then Lead with It

The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor
to be what you desire to appear

What is the change you wish to see for yourself and others? 

What are the expected results you believe will be achieved?

What is stopping you from taking action to generate the new possibility you seek?

If not you, then who will be the one to make the change you want to see happen? It is your unique, inherent potential that plants the seeds to transcend from what is to what is possible. One can choose to be a spectator waiting for others to solve problems or be a player. Players get involved and play to win whether they win or not.

Primary thoughts that stop you from developing your potential are self doubt, fear of risking, and worst of all, comparing yourself with another who is a giant or celebrity in their aspired field. Comparing yourself with another is self defeating and demoralizing.

The admired person is following their path. Your may have a similar goal, but how you reach it is your own personal journey. The change you are seeking doesn’t have to be globally celebratory. Whether you realize it or not, your participation in developing self-leadership does make a global difference. It has a ripple effect.

Tips to lead from where you are to where you want to be:

Take a leap of faith
Be the ripple effect to generate the change you seek
Dream bigger and better in 2012. 
Take a stand for your dream and live it - be it - enjoy it