Taking the High Road to Success

"First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do."-Epictetus

If you are noticing nothing seems to be moving forward no matter how much hard work you are putting into getting the results you desire, it is probably because you are using the same skills and perspectives from the past. It is like trying to make a fine wine with old sore grapes from last year's harvest.

It isn't that hard work is without its rewards, but lacking new soft and hard skills it is like a hamster running inside a caged wheel believing he/she is getting somewhere. The hamster is gaining muscle from all the hard work; however, it is limited by staying in place. To move from where you are to where you want to be get out of the wheel to higher ground to observe the forest.

It seems there are two paths. One is to keep doing what you are doing because it is familiar; or be courageous and humble to do what it takes to acquire the knowledge and skills that are beckoning you to move up the ladder to the success you desire, which to me is the "high road to success."

The hardest thing can be change whether forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control or choosing to make a change. The pull of the past keeps sucking us back because it is familiar. But the heart knows best and unhappiness keeps knocking when trying to be what we are not. Our bodies are magnificent messengers.

Moving into a desired future requires growth from the inside out. It takes courage, persistence, humility and commitment on the high road to self-awareness. The growth and opportunities that come from taking the high road are immeasurable and measurable in many ways. Relationships get better, finances increase, health improves and life gets better all around.

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You are the possibility of the change you desire. After all – Anything is Possible

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