Win the Race - Be on Purpose

Being on purpose is listening to the inner voice trying to get your attention, which keeps getting snuffed out with justifications of “why not’s.” It is up to each of us to live life fulfilled from the inside out. Not the opposite of listening to the voices of the outside. And the beauty of answering your “call” is that you learn the magnificence of “you” doing what you love.

And yes, the road to following your bliss does have rough spots, but the rewards throughout the journey is sprinkled with precious gems. Precious gems in bringing and developing to the surface your talents and so much more.

Tip for Living Life on Purpose

Don’t dismiss your hunches! Learn to test them out. There are no guarantees in life. Take a risk. Start small. It may be a hunch about going to an event or taking a different direction. Or maybe picking up the phone and calling someone who has been on your mind

Remember – Anything is possible and you are the possibility of making it happen.