Create Your Circle of Influence to Riches

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work." --Robert Kiyosaki



Tips for Creating Your Circle of Influence
1.  Understand the concepts of an introvert, extrovert and centrovert
to enable you to become aware of your preferable style and shed
a brighter light on networking. 

2.  I recommend reading Devora Zack's book: Networking for People
Who Hate Networking
  It has helped me gain insight to my own
networking habits.   For example, I learned the introvert part of me
needs time out while engaged in networking to re-energize otherwise I
can feel depleted.  The extrovert part of me enjoys meeting new people,
helping others to connect and lead workshops.

3.  Build your network.  Notice how many opportunities you have to
network.  Networking isn't only for structured events, but also at
weddings, groceries lines, meet-ups, golf courses, social media,
writing, or even in elevators (which brings up the subject of your
"elevator pitch" for another newsletter). 

4.  Plan for how many hours and how much money you will spend for
Be careful not to overdo networking, otherwise it may
steal you away from taking care of other important aspects pertaining
to the reason you are networking in the first place. 

5.  Find networking events specific to your niche and/or industry you
are interested in.  Like minded people attract like minded people. 
Participating in a community with mutual interests is more rewarding
than showing up at events where your heart is not really in it.  It is
disheartening.  Follow your passion.   

Theresa Maria Napa aka TM   

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