Fearless Networking for the Timid and Not So Timid

“It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s actually who you know, who knows you, and what you do for a living.” -Bob Burg, Best-selling Author of Endless Referrals and The Go Giver

Success has many elements springing from what it is you are passionate about to developing mastery of your talents.  The main spring begins with your vision to growing as you go.  But for sure, you can't do it alone.  

Networking is about connecting and building relationships.  It is
like building a community and you are the leader deciding who
to invite into your circle.  
The community comes in all sizes. 
The larger the community is not necessarily the most effective

or productive.   

One of the best ways to grow your network is having a deeper understanding of your networking style.  Are you an introvert or extrovert?   Do you like to circulate around a networking event and make as many contacts as possible?  Or do you prefer to have more in-depth  conversations?  

Whereas the extrovert likes to grow their network rapidly and continuously, he/she can miss out on opportunities by neglecting follow-up,  which the introvert generally is better at doing.    Likewise the introvert can learn from the extrovert the gift of engaging conversations easily. 

From the extroverts, introverts learn to increase their social skills
to become more comfortable with networking.   Introverts are more
interested in having more in-depth conversations, which can mean
they can stay too long in a conversation where they feel comfortable
and avoid stretching their networking skills. 

And then there are "centroverts."   These are individuals who are inbetween extrovert and introvert.  Actually most of us are centroverts with a propensity toward being an introvert.    

Networking from your circle of influence (introvert, extrovert, centrovert) gives you power rather than trying to force networking strategies out of your comfort zone.  Then watch your networking circle expand and connect with people you enjoy.  

Upcoming:   More networking tips and other Law of Success  ideas.