Taking the Yellow Brick Road

Taking the Yellow Brick Road

In the struggle to have things differently, our tendency is to ask:

  • What do I need to do to get from A to the goal of B? 
  • Who can help me? 
  • Where do I go next?

Before even taking a deep breath we rush to find the answers
in the world outside ourselves.  Without soul searching to gain
clarity and personal insights to the opportunities waiting to
be born
from within, we end up going in circles.  We give up
our dreams and relinquish our destiny; becoming followers
rather than leaders

It is logical why our preference is to go looking externally for
results.  Our training and development programs teach us what
to think, what to do, what to achieve and leave out how to think
and how to be from the perspective of personal potential and

Inner critics hold us tight in the clutches of fear of why we can't
go down the path toward self-awareness and mastery of personal
growth.  The path of least resistance is irresistible. 
We take
the yellow brick road looking for answers from the wizard

who we have been told has the answers. 

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