Apples or Oranges?

"You can't win without being completely different.
When everyone else says we are crazy, I say, gee
we really must be on to something." - Larry D.
Ellison (b 1944) U.S. co-founder and CEO of
Oracle Corporation

* Competitive Edge by Being Different *

Competition doesn't mean it has to be adversarial or
using unfair tactics to win; nor does it necessarily
mean being number one is better than being number two
in the same area of competition.

Competition is healthy.  It is a motivator and compels
one to do their best, but the propulsion comes when what
you are doing and what you believe are in alignment.  
Doing something you don't believe in, whether it is
personally or professionally, is out of integrity with
yourself and being true to building your core self-
leadership talents.

To take a new course of action that differs with the
present is a challenging path and very competitive with
the past.   The past competes between what the leader
within you wants to aspire to and the resistance to
change. One of the ways the ego strikes down any idea
to transcend from where you are to where you want to be
is have you compare yourself with someone else's success
path. Don't compare yourself with Hertz when you are an

"The key to success for Sony and to everything in business
is never to follow the others." - Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997) 
Japanese co-found of Sony Corporation

Next time, I'll ask you some questions to evoke your
competitive spirit... 

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