Tips to Challenge Your Competitive Self

Did you answer the questions I posed to you last time?

If not, take some time to do that now.  Then check out my tips to challenge your competitive self:

  1. The irony in not being as successful as one would like to be is listening to the wrong messages in our thoughts. Competitors train their minds to be the best.
  2. Notice the traps of doubt, fear and anxiety that show up almost immediately when thinking about making a transition to a new career, growing in leadership development, moving on in a relationship, or even taking off weight.  Quite often one surrenders to giving up before you even put yourself in the game to win.  The more you think negative thoughts, the more negativity you attract. 
  3. Visualize your thoughts as recordings.  What are you playing over and over again?  Is what you are listening to helping your competitive spirit go forward, or are the recordings seducing you to stay fixed where you are hoping for the best?   
  4. Competition with yourself to grow is your birthright no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

Remember:  Anything is Possible

[image source: ky_olsen @ flickr]