Questions to Wake Your Sleeping Giant

Last time we talked about awakening your sleeping giant...
Today I'm offering you some questions to ask yourself along
with some tips to help with that awakening.

Questions to Wake Your Sleeping Giant:

 - You are visited by a magic genie who will grant
you three wishes.   What are your three wishes?

 - Why is it important to you to have these wishes

 - What difference would it make to you, your community,
and the world to have these wishes granted?

 - Now that your wishes are fulfilled, what's next?  

Tips to Awaken Your Sleeping Giant:

 - Use winter as a valuable resource to gain access to
new perspectives from the wisdom within you.

 - Take a clue from nature and use the season of winter
to dig deep into your psyche to where your sleeping
giant is resting. Some strategies are:

   * Journaling
   * Meditation
   * Reading what you are drawn to read. 
   * Mind-mapping
   * Retreating from routine activities and exploring
new venues
facilitate waking up your sleeping giant

Remember:  Anything is Possible