Career Moves in the Making

"Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career." - Abdul Kalam (President of India, b.1931)

Making a career transition can be fraught with stress, worry, uncertainty and anxiety, and it can also be filled with adventure, joy, excitement and hope. Turning the anxiety around into anticipation can make all the difference in finding the career that is next, and right, for you.

Nature is consistent with change and it is the nature of nature to change! Human beings are part of the natural order of change. However, many human beings forfeit their potential to grow by resisting change. They live with what is, even though they have dreams and desires of having something different than what they are experiencing. It can be a catch-22 - wanting to change, but not wanting to change for fear the change will be worse.

Change is not a linear process with guarantees. We would like to have guarantees before making decisions, especially big decisions that affect our livelihood. Staying put doesn't work. One would have to be blind to see the enormous change in today's working environment. In August 2009 the jobless rate in America hit the highest in 26 years - 9.7%! The past doesn't hold the future. You hold the future! You are the change!

Instead of looking at what isn't working, look at what is working. It may be difficult to see beyond the trees to get the big picture of the forest, but with help you can do it. Doing it by yourself rarely works, because you are seeing it from the way you usually look at things, which is normal, and very limiting. Open up to transition by developing your potential using the resources both within and outside of yourself.

Within you is a compass which may be buried deep inside that holds the map to begin your career transition journey. It may be a little rusty at first because it has been buried while you were doing what you were doing, which was perfectly fine at the time, but it is time for change.

Next time I will offer tips and questions for career movers and shakers.

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