Tap Into Your Smarts!

Last time we talked about how you really are smarter than you think.  You're even braver than you believe and stronger than you seem.

So today I offer you some tips to help you tap into your smarts!

  • Many people have had their daily routines changed due to situations beyond their control.  They are looking for new solutions.  However, what is still in place is the way their perceptions observe the situation.  Past beliefs and habits are on automatic pilot.  Transition is a perfect opportunity to awaken the smarter You.  Start to ask yourself what it is you want from your heart place, not your head.  Do not worry about the how.
  • Exploring new territories of your essence requires resources.  An idea, like a seed, needs to be nourished with soil and nutrients.  Enlist outside resources, such as Right Track Coaching, to guide your imagination for solutions to the surface and explore which ideas you are inspired to take action on.
  • Allow yourself to go beyond that which you already know. If you keep thinking what you already know, then you are listening to old recordings.  Access the inner intelligence within for solutions to reach your desired outcome.  From this place organic leadership rebuilds, reinvents, and transforms from natural intelligence.  

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Remember you are smarter than you think and Anything Is Possible!

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