Success Tips for Renaissance Leaders

Last time we discussed being a Renaissance Leader in the Conceptual Age.  Today I offer tips for all you Renaissance Leaders out there...

  • Passion is your power. When you are engaged in doing what you enjoy you are a magnet. The Universe opens doors of possibilities to help you fulfill on what it is you are focused on. Caution: The Universe will also give you more of what you don't want if you focus on the negative. Your passion is your power to make a difference.
  • Define your definition of success. Renaissance Leaders suffer when they live from a model of success that is not one they own.
  • Put more time into awakening the creative side of your brain. Routine functions, such as accounting, legal practices, and TurboTax, have been outsourced globally and on the Internet. Innovations are the key to the success of the Renaissance Leader.
  • The Renaissance Leader enjoys many challenges and may get easily bored. Learn to self-correct and self-generate. This will lead to less stress and be more productive.
  • Put fear to work. Don't let fear stop you from challenging yourself beyond who you already know yourself to be. You are meant to evolve and develop your leadership through imagination and being in action.
  • Renaissance Leaders are great at multi-tasking, but when working on a project requiring concentration, discipline yourself to focus on what you are doing. That means turning off whatever distracts you - the phone, the IPad, or the sound of incoming email.
  • Remember: For the Renaissance Leader, Anything Is Possible!!!
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