Tips and Questions for Career Movers and Shakers

Last time we met, we talked about career moves in the making.  Today I offer you some Tips and Questions For Career Movers and Shakers:
  • Look first at what it is you want to do. Yes, you may want to do what you have done in the yesterday; however, if that occupation is no longer available, what characteristics about the job did you like? Where do you feel you made a difference?
  • Sorting out what you want your next career choice to be can be daunting. When I work with my clients I have a process to help them gain clarity around their next career direction. Working with a process gives you an advantage to making a sound and wise career decision. It is important to have someone with expertise guide you in your career transition.
  • Check out careers that are growing, such as green technology, health care and high tech. Where can your skills and leadership abilities add to the success of an up-and-coming company/organization?
  • What are some of the vocations you have thought about in the past you might be interested in which you put on the shelf for another day? This is the day to dust your ideas off! Will your next career direction require additional training? Changing careers usually does necessitate additional training of both intangible and tangible skills. This is good news since it is your nature to grow beyond the way you know yourself to be.
  • Go to a large book store where they have dozens of magazines. What magazines are you drawn to actually pick up and read? Maybe you are attracted to decorating (cakes, homes, parties, etc.), sports, fashion, business or entertainment??? Your interest in reading is a clue to making a career shift.
  • Visit the U.S. Department of Labor website for career ideas and training. They have links that point you to other career sites. It is in the exploration that you will uncover your heart's desire and boost your clarity.
  • Remember: Anything Is Possible and your feelings are a clue to new career possibilities. Check in with them while researching what career is waiting for you on the horizon. Contact me - I will be honored to be part of your career research.

    "The past is not your potential.  
    In any hour you can choose to liberate the future." - Marilyn Ferguson