Tips to Mend Your Heart

Last time we talked about mending a broken heart so you can SOAR into self-leadership.  Today I offer you some valuable tips in managing those Gremlins that keep love at a distance - whether it's relationship love, love of your work, love of yourself and loving life.

Tips:  Manage Gremlins That Keep Love at a Distance

If your inner critics or gremlins are going wild and pulling you down under into the land of darkness and fear, you might want to become more acquainted with them at a different level. Instead of taking them personally, be objective.  Be the Observer and simply notice!

Have fun drawing your gremlins. One of my recommended books "Taming Your Gremlin" offers "...creative yet practical approaches to solving life's problems" using the metaphor of gremlins.  The process of metaphorically drawing gremlins has tremendous benefits, such as a reality check on how you are giving gremlins the power to rule! Drawing caricatures of your gremlins can be a stress reducer and truth serum of the lies gremlins make up about you.

You will have more fun and success actualizing your dreams rather than actualizing the false concepts of your gremlins. Take action on your dreams one step at a time. In taking one step at a time doing what you love, the positive energy you emanate transcends you and your environment to a healthier atmosphere and way of life.  Need help with taking action?  Contact me - I can help - in fact I'm offering a special 30-minute coaching session for $20.15 - this is for a limited time, so schedule yours now!

As the Observer of your gremlin/s you notice new possibilities with hope, love and joy.  Take inspired action and explore new paths.  It is the journey and not the destination that makes for a happy heart.    

Mend your heart by listening to the deeper messages that may have been buried and forgotten.  You will win when you listen to your heart...and remember: Anything Is Possible!

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