Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

Have you ever tried to find a destination without a map? Like me, you probably realize how easy it is to get lost and off the path. Only when it's too late do we finally give in and turn around and admit we were never headed in the right direction to begin with.

The reality is, that instead of continuing to do something that is not working for us, we need to stop and simply try something different. However, it's hard to stop unless we know what the "core challenges" are that are blocking our progress.

We get caught in a rut from time to time and this is why we need to learn from others with different perspectives!  Here is one concept that can change your life for the better:

"Nothing Happens Until Something Moves."

Without getting into the laws of physics, the universal truth is that nothing ever happens until something first moves.

In the case of being overwhelmed by finances, relationships, health, well being, the economy, joblessness - no one is immune. But something can always be done and this is great news!

You have the power to alter your own reality. And you have that power right now. If you truly seek more out of your life, if you truly want to feel more abundance, more happiness, more control, less anxiety, and less stress...Then today is the day to move something!

And remember: Anything is Possible!