Three Dream Blockers in Business & Career Development

Last time I talked about how dreams come alive in business and careers.  The following 3 activities are huge dream blockers when you are developing your career and/or business.

Constantly complaining without taking steps to find a solution is a major factor in keeping dreams on hold. The complaints may be about working in an environment that is depressing, unfulfilling and going nowhere. Or maybe you are without income coming in right now and you believe you are powerless to find a new career. Whatever you focus on is recyclable. Keep complaining, rather than looking for a future to live into, and that negative energy keeps boomeranging until you decide to make a shift. Leaders seek solutions rather than wasting energy on complaining.

Identity Crisis
We have been trained to acknowledge certain professions better than others, especially with academic achievement and/or celebrity popularity. As we have seen in this economy, academic degrees don't guarantee a job or even an interview. When you get fixed on your career identity and assume that by changing professions you are lowering your standards is so far off base it keeps you locked in, thus limiting your self-expression and freedom. Leaders show up in all walks of life.

Limiting Perspectives - Judgments
Strange as it may seem, there are powerful false beliefs that run one's life. They originated mainly in childhood. During maturity the negative beliefs pretty much stayed immature and wounded. Their automatic response to change and trying out new possibilities is "watch out you may get hurt." Growing in self-awareness is taking a leadership position to learn new positive beliefs and practices. There are various modalities to gain insight and create the future you want. I work with my clients to create the bigger game they are meant to play and win big time!

So Remember: Anything Is Possible. If you need help removing these blocks from your life my 7 Steps to a New Career Direction Program can help - get information and register here - the next offering starts June 22, 2015.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it."  -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe