Tips to Find Your Inner Voice

Last time I talked about finding your "Big I" voice that is often lost among all the chatter of your "little I".

Today I offer you 3 Tips to explore, express and excel at finding your "Big I" voice.

(1)  Each week take a 1-2 hour time-out to explore and do something you have been wanting to do, such as visiting a museum, take up swimming, or signing up for a class outside of work.  This is something out of your regular routine.  If you keep doing what you are doing and expect something to change, it is foolishness.  So don’t be a fool and treat yourself to time-out. This treat pays off in dividends!

(2)  Make a list of what matters to you and why it is important (be it person, place or thing).   With each item notice what you feel and the importance it plays in your life.  Give thanks and appreciation for being in your life. Appreciation and love attracts more of it.

(3)  Look to see if you have any addictions.  Addictions come in many forms.  Examples of addiction might be:  watching TV/movies excessively, having success no matter what it takes, shopping just to shop, feeling like a victim, etc.  Addictions hold us in the vice of the small self.

As a bonus tip, I recommend the book “To Hell and Back”, a true story of Dr. Steve Heird who lived with the addiction of success and drugs.    Here was a man who had it all, but neglected the warnings.  You are meant to evolve from the inside out – not the other way around.

Remember: Anything is Possible!

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