Leadership Tips - Use Certainty to Fulfill Your Desires Part 2

Yesterday I talked about certainty and gave you tips to use when you are challenged. Here I continue with more tips. You can review yesterday's tips here.

  • LISTEN - in return you may receive a question. (many times your guide is a coach! But think of it - don’t all the prophets leave us with questions???) The question is usually, “What do I want to do?” And that question can sometimes be a bit frustrating. If you knew, you wouldn’t be in such a state, right? Exactly, and that is why certainty is so powerful. Certainty has clarity, assurance, positiveness, certitude, surety, confidence, and conviction.

  • DECIDE - you are now at a threshold. If you stay where you are at in your decision, uncertainty would continue to run rampant. Have you had enough? Are you willing to cross the threshold and make a commitment? Here's where CERTAINTY comes alive. You feel grounded. You can feel it in your body. It is a powerful feeling.

  • WHOOPS – look what shows up! UNCERTAINTIES! You are certain what direction you would take, yet there were all these how to’s. How to do this? How to do that? How are you going to get it all done? Who is going to help?

  • POWER – the power is in the certainty of where you are headed. With this power in your tool chest, you can link it to your knowingness of how to attract more certainty to your decision. Certainty is only one aspect of attainment, but it certainly is a powerful motivator to follow through on the rest. It is like a lighthouse that is there for us to find in the fog.

  • IMPACT - Each day your certainty grows immeasurably and you know you are on the Right Track with your decision. And without a doubt, there are challenges. Holding to your certainty keeps your desire alive.

Certainty can assuredly come unexpectedly – in different ways – and it speaks from the heart. And when you think of it, our hearts go with us wherever we go. So stop, breathe and listen to your heart.

I wish you certainty that brings you happiness and fulfillment.

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