Mending Your Heart Requires Stretching Outside of What You Know

Treasure MapTake a moment and read yesterday's post. It's an excellent inquiry to help you move through transition and mend your heart.

Begin to Mend Your Heart from the list of qualities you gained from the experience and create new possibilities.

This will require you stretching outside of what you already know.

Draw a treasure map to new beginnings that you create. Describe what you want, feel it and allow it.

Note: Don’t be a lone ranger and struggle trying to do it alone. Get support from others who believe in you and are able to help you in building a new future.

My clients have made marvelous transitions to more fulfilling careers, relationships, and lifestyle changes.

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3. Identify any hidden challenges that could sabotage you from moving forward
4. Identify some key milestones to reach your destination and put you on the Right Track
5. Have you leave the session re-energized and inspired to achieve your goal powerfully & effectively

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