Are You Looking in the Past for Answers for the Future?

Last time we began discussing the primary reasons when answers are not surfacing, and we covered the first one:

Regardless of the circumstances while experiencing change, your thoughts play a huge part in whether you succeed or not.

Here is the second reason:

When you are looking in the past for answers to building a new future, it is a “no win” situation.

Planning a future from past history is non-productive. It is going in circles, like a merry-go-round, expecting something new to develop without investing in development.

The scenery may change, but the past patterns still show up. It is time to get out of the cage to explore new possibilities.

A future possibility requires new thinking and new strategies. Not that you throw “the baby out with the bath water,” but you choose wisely what works (the baby) and get rid of the rest (the water).

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