Information Must Have Meaning to You to be Valuable

Does Information Have MeaningWhat is valuable about information is the meaning it has to you and your environment.

If learning to be an archeologist inspires you, then learning what there is to learn in becoming one is important to you; whereas someone who likes to be around live events and living people would find archeology uninviting.

To have knowledge is a wonderful asset, and it’s useless when not ignited by a burning desire to use that knowledge for a purpose you set in motion.

Imagine listening to a listless salesperson. He approaches you with a lack-luster attitude soliciting his products or services. What are you thinking? Is this someone you want to purchase from? Do you really want to become a client? How fast do you want to get away?

So what benefits are you using information for? Feel free to post a "comment" (see below) or email me! I love hearing from you!

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