If the World is a Stage, What Roles are You Playing?

This is your stageEveryone is a leader in their life and each chooses what role to play at any given moment.

There are many leadership roles individuals portray, such as parent, citizen, business professional, friend, sibling, etc. Regardless of the role being performed, values and purpose show up. As intangible as they are they speak volumes.

And if the world is a stage, what roles are you playing?

Are you the star of the play or cast member supporting the vision of the play?

Either part is one of leadership.

It may appear that the star player is the strongest leader, but the supporting member of the cast is also a strong leader when viewed from their personal goals.

It doesn’t require one to be reach fame and celebratory status to be a leader.

This is your play, your next act to create.

I would love to hear your comments about this - feel free to post them below or email me directly. If you need help defining your roles and what you want to create in your play, contact me!

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