Embarking Into Unfamiliar Territory Will Be Scary

Light BulbIt is true when you are embarking into unfamiliar territory it will feel foreign and be scary. Therefore, when you begin to take action you will fail! Embrace it! Failure is feedback.

In constructing the light bulb, Thomas Edison built 1,000 prototypes that did not work until he successfully built the one we still use today! A reporter asked Edison how it felt to fail 1,000 times. Edison replied, “You misunderstand, I did not fail 1,000 times. I successfully found 1,000 ways that the light bulb would not work.”

When criticizing yourself you are dismissing your creativity as if it didn’t exist. You wind up putting trust in the lies of your inner critics. Sure you have been a failure at times. Congratulations, you took a risk. You attempted to be and do something better. Maybe the outcome wasn’t what you expected, but there definitely was feedback on what went wrong and what to improve.

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