The Inner Critics in Your Head Are Simply Afraid of Change

Brain NeuronsInner critics, the saboteurs of dreams, are really afraid of change. The unknown is dangerous to them. They come up with reasons to protect you from the possibility of getting hurt in moving forward with a new idea or project. The inner critic gremlins fill you with self doubt, fear and anxiety. Before you know it, you give up. The irony of trying to keep things the same is that change is impossible to stop. Yet the ego self is committed to hold you down no matter what measure of success you have.

Within your brain are neuronets of tapes with limiting beliefs which have grown stronger with repetition. There are positive tapes too, but these can be overpowered by the fear to take action unless you have chosen to look within where the truth resides. Gremlins don’t live in your heart or soul. They are in your head making up untrue stories about your competence to evolve beyond your present position.

How are YOUR neuronets? Want to transform those limiting beliefs into positive, life-affirming ones? I help clients stop those inner critics and move on to the life and career of their own choosing. Are you ready to start moving in the direction of your dreams? Contact me now!

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