Jump Out of The Hot Water

FrogI remember a story describing what happens to a frog when it is put in different temperatures of water. If the frog is put into boiling water it will quickly jump out to escape being prey to the boiling water. It quickly notices that there is danger. However, if you put the frog in water of normal temperature it will remain even as the heat is gradually raised. The frog doesn’t notice that it is in danger. It has time to adjust to the raising temperature and stays until it is too late to avoid the danger.

Living life like the frog in the water where the rising temperature is ignored, believing the gradual difference is not harmful and it will return to normal is to deny oneself from satisfying one’s desire to jump out to find safety in listening to their intuition.

Change is inevitable. We can let the change run us or take the lead by choosing to get out of the heat by doing what is in our control and let go what we can’t. Most of us know someone who is presently experiencing being jobless, unhappy at their job, going through a life threatening illness, no longer in a significant relationship, who may be a caregiver or having financial difficulty. These certainly are challenging, but the power within is a strong force to help heal and create anew.

Next time I'll offer some tips to help you jump out of the hot water!

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