9 Tips and Strategies to Step into Your Spotlight of Riches

Today starts a series of 9 Tips and Strategies to Step into Your Spotlight of Riches. Read each one through carefully. Then think about how you can incorporate each tip into your life - then DO it!

Tip #1:  The pull of the “What Is Gremlin” (WIG) is strong. The WIG, which by the way is also a false piece of hair giving the appearance of being real, believes what is is the way to live.

The WIG doesn’t want to change regardless of any distress presenting going on professionally or personally. It is familiar with the “what is” territory and not interested in making the effort to transform to pleasanter experiences.

The WIG believes it is the conductor of your choices. The truth is you are the Conductor. You are the one with the power, so don’t give it away to the WIG.

Take time out to compose a new piece of music to get you back in the spotlight of your life and out of the shadows of the WIG. This music is a metaphor for the financial abundance and success you wish to acquire. For now let’s call it “MM” for “my music.” (more on "MM" next time!)

Are you ready to fire your What Is Gremlin?  Are you ready to create your My Music?  Contact me and let's get started!  You won't know what you are capable of until you take that step and START.

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